Request for Proposals: Black Sea Bass Habitat Research Needs in the Mid-Atlantic

December 7, 2015


The Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership  is seeking research and/or restoration proposals to address black sea bass habitat issues in the Mid-Atlantic region (from Long Island Sound to Cape Hatteras), with an emphasis on the use of natural and/or artificial reefs and their ability to maintain and enhance fishery productivity. Projects can range from 12 – 24 months in length, and should include guaranteed monitoring for at least three years. The maximum award for an individual project is $225,000, and multiple highly ranked projects will be considered if the amount requested totals less than the $225,000 in available funds. All proposed artificial reef construction projects must be developed in coordination with the artificial reef manager in their respective state (contact information listed in RFP) to be eligible for funding.


Proposals are due by February 1, 2016 at midnight.


Full RFP is available here.


For questions or to submit a proposal, please email Lisa Havel, ACFHP Coordinator:


(703) 842-0740
1050 N. Highland St.
Suite 200 A-N
Arlington, VA 22201

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