ACFHP Welcomes National Audubon Society as New Member to the Partnership

December 17, 2021

The Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership (ACFHP or Partnership) is excited to welcome National Audubon Society (Audubon) to the Partnership.

Audubon works at local, regional, and federal levels to conserve birds and their habitats, and connect people to nature. Within the ACFHP boundaries Audubon has nine state offices, 35 coastal nature centers and preserves, and 156 independent chapters. Their national headquarters and federal policy team are also located in the ACFHP region – in New York City and Washington, DC, respectively. From Audubon’s Seabird Institute and Hog Island Center on the coast of Maine to the Everglades Science Center in the Florida Keys, Audubon’s coastal habitat conservation activities span the breadth of the ACFHP region.

Coasts and Marine Conservation is one of Audubon’s five overarching conservation strategies, which includes the protection of submerged aquatic vegetation, riverine and estuarine habitats, oyster reefs, and tidal vegetation – four of ACFHP’s five priority habitats. There is substantial overlap in the habitats birds and fish need to thrive, including the need to protect forage fish spawning habitats on which coastal and marine birds rely on for food.

Audubon will be represented on the Partnership by Romaric (Remy) Moncrieffe, Fisheries Policy Manager, Marine Conservation. Remy has a joint Master’s degree in aquaculture and marine policy and six years of experience at businesses and agencies in Europe and the U.S. working on environmental science, aquaculture, biochemistry, wetland restoration, volunteer coordination, and communications. In his new role at Audubon, Remy will be assisting and leading on a variety of fisheries, Essential Fish Habitat, bird habitat, and policy initiatives at the state and federal level. He enjoys the outdoors, birds, fish, and wildlife.

For more information on National Audubon Society, please visit their website.