Funding Opportunities

ACFHP FY2025 Habitat Restoration Project Funding

FY25 Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership Funding Cycle.

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2024

The Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership (ACFHP) is requesting project applications for funding to restore and conserve habitat necessary to support coastal, estuarine dependent, and diadromous fish species. Federal funding available through the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) program will be used to support the top ranked proposals. In past funding cycles, we typically supported 2-4 projects for a total of $90,000 – $250,000 annually, however, we do not have a maximum request amount. For complete information and guidelines please review the funding instructions. For additional information please contact Simen Kaalstad, ACFHP Director (

NOAA Fisheries (Office of Habitat Conservation and Recreational Fisheries Initiative)

Increasing Recreational Fisheries Engagement through Fish Habitat Partnerships (FY24)

Deadline: Apr. 1, 2024 (for ACFHP review)

The goals of this funding opportunity are to enhance collaboration with recreational, subsistence, cultural, and non-commercial fishing communities, and to protect and restore habitat. Healthy habitat leads to more fishing opportunities and increased climate resilience, and there are numerous opportunities to advance habitat conservation by working together. The National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) and the Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership aim to protect, restore, and enhance the nation’s fish and aquatic communities through partnerships that foster fish habitat conservation and improve the quality of life for the American people. We provide strategic opportunities to advance priority habitat conservation projects while also engaging recreational, subsistence, cultural, and non-commercial anglers.

ACFHP – General

In order to respond promptly to funding opportunities from various sources, ACFHP is soliciting applications for habitat conservation projects in need of funding that align with ACFHP’s objectives and priority habitats. The Request for Proposals is not linked to a specific funding source. Instead, newly submitted projects reviewed and approved by ACFHP will be added to our project database and recommended as funding becomes available. To be considered, review the instructions and fill out the application (both linked below).

General ACFHP habitat conservation project application, General ACFHP habitat conservation application instructions; no deadline

Other Opportunities

NOAA Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding (multiple opportunities); multiple deadlines

Project Endorsement

Thinking of applying to a funding opportunity? Consider requesting a letter of endorsement from ACFHP! ACFHP is happy to endorse a wide variety of projects that promote the conservation of Atlantic coastal, estuarine, and diadromous fish habitats. This includes on-the-ground restoration and land protection, scientific research and assessment tools, and outreach to a variety of audiences. Applying for an endorsement is easy – just fill out our simple application, and a review team will decide whether or not the project aligns with ACFHP’s goals, mission, and vision. We can supply a letter of endorsement and our logo in as little as a week. To learn more, visit our endorsement page.