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ACFHP partners work together to take the following steps:

  • To carry out their mutual intent to design and implement an ACFHP plan that will
    address on-the-ground coastal, estuarine-dependent, and diadromous fish habitat
    resource needs throughout the Atlantic states.
  • To work together to facilitate current and future mutually agreed upon joint coastal,
    estuarine-dependent, and diadromous fish habitat resource activities for the benefit of
    Atlantic fish habitat resources.
  • To use the resources of their agencies and organizations in a manner consistent with
    their mission and the mission of ACFHP, that avoids duplication and that mutually
    supports the efforts of other parties involved.
  • To collectively pursue funding initiatives to support the ACFHP through private,
    corporate, state, and federal government, and any other means that may be available.
  • To collectively pursue interagency/organization agreements, cooperative agreements,
    grants, and/or contracts to fund approved projects.
  • To encourage and support the participation of other appropriate agencies and
    organizations by mutual agreement of the partners.