Project Endorsement

Do you have a project that can use a boost? ACFHP accepts applications for project endorsement year-round. This is a great opportunity to gain support for your project when ACFHP’s funding or other resources are limited. The Partnership can endorse the project at any stage – whether it’s early in development, ongoing, or has been completed for some time. ACFHP is happy to endorse a wide variety of projects that promote the conservation of Atlantic coastal, estuarine, and diadromous fish habitats. This includes on-the-ground restoration and land protection, scientific research and assessment tools, and outreach to a variety of audiences. Projects managers have used our endorsements to secure grant funding and have benefited from our social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Applying for an endorsement is easy – just fill out our simple application, and a review team will decide whether or not the project aligns with ACFHP’s goals, mission, and vision. We can supply a letter of endorsement and our logo in as little as a week.

We are proud to say that more than 90% of the projects we endorse end up funded.

View our list of previously endorsed and funded On the Ground projects

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Endorsement Application Guidelines
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