Alewife Outreach and Education, Connecticut

Old Lyme, Connecticut

Project endorsed by ACFHP in FY2012.

The overall purpose of this project, led by Sea Research Foundation, Inc., was to establish a partnership among Sea Research Foundation, the Tributary Mill Conservancy, and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in order to (1) increase public awareness of Connecticut’s declining alewife populations, (2) the role that river herring play in freshwater ecosystems, and (3) how individuals can support current alewife conservation programs. By conducting workshops at the Tributary Mill Conservancy and Sea Research Foundation’s Mystic Aquarium, and establishing a permanent exhibit on the work at the Aquarium, the project engages the public and cultivates a new generation of environmental stewards who will protect, conserve, and advocate for Long Island Sound. For more information, please contact Tracy Romano.


Text provided by Sea Research Foundation. Photo provided by Jim Turek, NOAA.