Environmentally Friendly Oyster Reef Restoration in Mosquito Lagoon, Florida

Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This project was funded in FY2020 through National Fish Habitat Action Plan funding.

Oyster reefs provide essential ecosystem functions and services, and are one of the primary forms of Essential Fish Habitat in Mosquito Lagoon. Researchers at the University of Central Florida, working with partners, will use environmentally friendly BESE material to restore essential nursery and foraging habitat for sportfish (e.g. red drum), commercially important shellfish (e.g. blue crab), and trust species, including threatened/endangered wading birds (e.g. American oystercatcher). The goal of this habitat restoration project is to leverage their highly successful, community-based and federal, state, and NGO partner-driven restoration network to restore 4-6 oyster reefs degraded by vessel operation and resulting boat wakes in Mosquito Lagoon, Florida.  This will restore 0.25 acres of oyster reef and approximately 420 linear feet of shoreline.

Text and photos provided by the University of Central Florida Board of Trustees.