Magothy River Shoreline Restoration, Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis, Maryland

This project was funded in FY2020 through National Fish Habitat Action Plan funding.

The Cape St Claire Community Improvement Association is working with partners to stabilize 500 linear feet of shoreline through sand addition and establishment of a native tidal wetland and dune community. They will also be planting a combination of oyster-seeded Reef Balls© and woody tree boles with root fans to create subtidal and intertidal fish habitat. This area is subjected to chronic erosion, estimated to be 3.5 feet/year lost, due to a large northeast fetch. Without intervention, the marsh-protecting dune will erode and no longer serve as a tidal barrier to Lake Claire. This project will improve shoreline stability, increase fish habitat complexity and quality, and provide a more robust benthic community that supports a healthy ecosystem. Species such as Atlantic croaker, blue crab, and striped bass will benefit.

Text and photos provided by Cape St Claire Community Improvement Association.