Old Mill Pond Dam Fish Passage, Wreck Pond Brook, New Jersey

Wall, New Jersey

Funded in FY2019 through the National Fish Habitat Action Plan.

Impediments to upstream spawning habitat are believe to be a significant contributor to the decline of Atlantic coast river herring populations. Stream assessments conducted in 2015 and 2017 within the Wreck Pond Brook Watershed in New Jersey have identified good spawning habitat for river herring upstream of Old Mill Pond Dam. This concrete dam is 10 ft high and 44 ft long, impeding passage for river herring that use Wreck Pond Brook to spawn. The American Littoral Society will work with partners on this project to install a 60 ft straight run Alaska steeppass fishway at Old Mill Pond, opening 0.9 miles of upstream spawning habitat. There is already a strong Citizen Science Program at Wreck Pond, and the installation of this fishway will be incorporated in their current monitoring program.

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Text and images provided by American Littoral Society.