Restoring the Mangroves of the Indian River Lagoon, Florida

Indian River Lagoon, Florida

This project was funded in FY2011 through the National Fish Habitat Action Plan.

The Indian River Lagoon is a 251-km bar-built coastal estuary that covers an area of approximately 3,575 square kilometers. It supports coastal mangrove wetlands, salt marshes, intertidal and subtidal flats, and riparian wetland and floodplains, which provide important habitat to numerous fish species. Unfortunately, the rate of shoreline and wetland destruction has increased, due to decades of urbanization and the spread of invasive plant species. This project, led by the Marine Resources Council of East Florida, restored over 10 acres of coastal habitat wetlands to the Lagoon.

Indian River Lagoon Restoration Factsheet


Photos and text provided by the Marine Resources Council.