Scoy Pond and Staudinger’s Pond Alewife Access and Habitat Enhancement, New York

East Hampton, New York

This project was funded in FY2010 through National Fish Habitat Action Plan funding.

In Northwest Creek, the Peconic Estuary Program and partners constructed a channel and replaced an overflow pipe with a weir to allow fish passage into Staudinger’s Pond.  In Alewife Brook, an undersized culvert was replaced and stream debris was removed to allow fish passage into Scoy Pond and to improve tidal flow.  Additionally in Alewife Brook, invasive Phragmites were removed and the surrounding habitat was enhanced. This project ultimately restored access to approximately 18 acres of diadromous fish spawning and maturation habitat and enhanced the ecologic function of nearly 1,000 acres of estuarine habitat.

Scoy Pond Fish Passage Factsheet


Text provided by the Peconic Estuary Program.